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Join now to search FREE for the right professional contractors to get things done, make a humanitarian request, or find volunteer opportunities in your community to help others, including our furry friends.

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How much does it cost?

Joining our network is FREE for individuals, non-profits and churches. Businesses will pay a minimal flat rate fee per month for receiving unlimited leads on requests submitted by individuals.

There is also an opportunity for businesses to purchase advertising on our site at an additional monthly cost. However, advertising spots are limited and are first come first serve basis when available.


How does the process work?

As the Premier Humanitarian Network, we are dedicated to helping people and pets throughout the world. Registered individuals will be able to submit a request for themselves or someone else in need of assistance or service for humanitarian, pet, home, professional or health services and much more. Individual requests are then automatically routed to all registered businesses, churches and non-profits that can provide the service or assistance based on category selected. It is the responsibility of the registered businesses, churches and non-profits to respond back to the individual requests.  As it is the Individuals choice to choose from the responses they receive.

Launch Announcement

People and Pets Network is launching in Charlotte, Lee and Collier Counties as the premier and trusted FREE professional search network. Our launch will begin in June-July 2024 for businesses to register by category. Each business category by county is available for businesses to subscribe and get unlimited leads. Highly targeted advertising can be purchased, too, but will be limited to only 9 ads by category by county, so first commitments will get the spots.

Direct consumer advertising will begin in August 2024 on both TV commercials, local billboards, local newspapers/magazines, and social media. We anticipate expanding out in Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami/Dade Counties next in the latter part 2024, then Florida statewide expanding state-by-state over the next 24 months.

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