PPN Trademarks

The following list contains PeopleandPetsNetwork (PPN) trademark/service mark uses for PPN services and products.

  • PPN®
  • PeopleandPetsNetworkMarket®
  • PeopleandPetsNetwork MarketPlace®
  • PeopleandPetsNetwork®

What are Trademarks and Service Marks?

Trademarks and service marks are words, acronyms, logos, symbols, taglines, or slogans that identify and distinguish a company as the source of its products and services. The owner of a valid trademark may prevent others from using its mark for particular goods or services and may recover monetary damages caused by another’s infringement. Trademarks and service marks can be classified in two categories:

  • Registered marks (indicated by the ® symbol) have undergone the appropriate legal process and are registered with the U.S. Trademark Office. (Marks also may be registered in individual states and foreign countries.)
  • Common law (unregistered or pending applications) marks (indicated by the ™ symbol) have not been formally registered, but may still be valid and enforceable (although registration provides additional legal rights)

PPN Trademark Usage Policy

PPN, has invested significant time and resources to protect its trademarks, service marks, and logos. Trademarks are important for establishing and protecting corporate brand identity, but they are fragile rights that can be lost through misuse. These Trademark Usage and Guidelines (“Policy”) set forth the authorized legal policies for using or referring to PSC brands, trademarks, service marks, logos and slogans. This Policy does not otherwise grant you (if you are third party) the legal right to use PPN or other third-party trademarks apart from the rights already granted pursuant to a separate agreement with PPN. This Policy should be read in conjunction with the trademark provisions contained in your agreement with PPN. PPN Trademark Guidelines (set forth below) will provide you with the specific tools needed to apply PPN marks consistently under this Policy.

  • Hyperlink to PPN Website: When using a PPN trademark, include a Web hyperlink to the PPN website.
  • Maintain the Integrity of PPN Marks: The use of PPN marks must not disparage PPN, its marks, products or services.
  • Apply the Trademark and Service Mark Symbols Correctly: Always use the registered trademark/service mark symbol “®” when referring to PPN registered marks (e.g., PPN®).
  • Keep PPN Marks Separate and Distinct: PPN marks must be used separately from any other organization’s logos, trademarks or service marks, and may not be used as part of the name for any other organization or its products or services. Your company’s mark can be used in context with a PPN mark solely to indicate a relationship between PPN products and services and those of the other company (e.g., [Third Party Company’s] website is Powered by PPN®”). You may not abbreviate or vary the spelling of PPN marks or use any product names or marks confusingly similar to PPN marks. In addition, PPN marks must be used as adjectives followed by a common noun, verb or other phrase (e.g., “PPN® Search Engine Optimization platform”).

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